Here’s what I don’t understand about people my age:
they want to grow up and be treated like adults, yet they act like fucking children.
Every teenager you encounter is a hypocrite. Not only do they try to make themselves seem “cool” or “hipster”, but they will do whatever it takes in order to get themselves that status- even if it means betraying their best friend.
All they do is assume without any real evidence, call you immature… you know, the works, but they go to express their problems all over the internet, specifically Twitter, known as “subtweeting”.
And I want to make sure that everyone is well aware that I completely acknowledge that what I’m doing this very moment, posting a rant on the internet about someone, makes me a hypocrite as well. I COMPLETELY GET THAT AND YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO JUDGE ME. But here’s the difference, I do it to express my feelings because I currently have n o o n e in this fucking world who gives a shit, whereas they (my “friends”) do it to create addition tension.


I don’t even know where I’m going with this rant…. lesson is:
Don’t trust anyone and always remember that those who act the most innocent are most likely the most guilty.

so yeah, fuck these teen years.